Tuesday 28th November 2017
  • Morning Agenda
  • 08:45
    Registration, Exhibition and Networking Breakfast
  • 09:30
    Chair’s Welcome Address

    Dr Helen Beckett, Joint Director - The International Centre: Researching CSE, Violence and Trafficking, University of Bedfordshire (CONFIRMED)

  • 09:40
    Morning Keynote: Taking the Necessary Steps to Confront Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
    • Outlining the current CSE policy landscape
    • Examining the latest works and developments of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, with a particular focus on CSE
    • Evaluating the key findings of the two commissioned reports on Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester and next steps for the local area in tackling CSE

    Ann Coffey MP, Member for Stockport and Chair - All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults and Commissioner, 'Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester' Reports (CONFIRMED)

  • 10:00
    Special Keynote: Supporting Professionals Working in CSE to Successfully Identify and Protect Victims
    • Outlining what the main responsibilities of the Child Sexual Exploitation Response Unit are and the actions it has undertaken so far to combat CSE
    • Examining the local area review of practice framework followed by the Unit and analysing how stakeholders can successfully identify and protect victims
    • Exploring the implications on CSE prevention of the Unit offering operational support in live cases and citing examples of case studies that stakeholders can learn from
    • Highlighting the next steps for the Unit in its quest to support professionals in successfully identifying and protecting victims of CSE

    Phil Ashford, Child Sexual Exploitation Response Unit Lead, NWG Network (CONFIRMED)


  • 10:20
    Special Keynote: Preventing CSE Through Increasing Young People’s Understanding of Exploitation
    • Examining the challenge of significant under-reporting of CSE against the trend that young people do not always recognise that they are being exploited and treated as property
    • Advocating a system by which every child is able to 'spot exploitation for what it is and, if they find themselves in danger, know that it is categorically not their fault'
    • Analysing the benefits of the NSPCC Protect and Respect service and offering advice for how relevant stakeholders can seek to replicate a similar service within their own organisations
    • Evaluating the success of the the NSPCC whistle-blowing helpline in dealing with children/young people being affected by or at a risk of CSE and giving examples of case studies that the audience can learn from in terms of increasing prevention and support of CSE victims

    Anna Racher, Protect and Respect CSE Programme Lead, NSPCC (CONFIRMED)

  • 10:40
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 11:00
    Refreshments and Networking
  • 11:20
    Special Keynote: Working Together to Ensure Effective Policing to Tackle CSE
    • Outlining the latest figures for CSE offences across England and Wales, with a particular focus on Sussex
    • Examining the latest initiatives being undertaken in Sussex to combat CSE and increase support for its victims, including how police are responding to rapidly growing reports of online CSE and grooming
    • Highlighting the progress and success of increased collaboration with relevant local partners and stakeholders to implement well-established information sharing protocols with the objective to raise awareness, tackle the threat of CSE and encourage reporting
    • Exploring the impact of the findings of the 2015 investigation, undertaken by a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Analyst, in helping Sussex Police target their resources in the right areas to increase prevention and identify perpetrators

    Sara Jones, Head of Commissioning, The Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (CONFIRMED)

  • 11:40
    Special Keynote: Implementing a Strategy to Address Increased Cases of Online Grooming and CSE

    Clare Bushell, Child Protection Advisor, National Crime Agency (NCA) (CONFIRMED)

  • 12:00
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 12:20
    Lunch and Networking
Tuesday 28th November 2017
  • Afternoon Agenda
  • 13:20
    Afternoon Keynote: Assessing the Role of Public Bodies and Institutions in Safeguarding Children
    • Outlining the principles underpinning the work of the statutory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse for England and Wales
    • Conducting 13 major investigations into the extent of institutional failings in child safeguarding
    • Engaging with victims and survivors through the Truth Project to determine the degree of non-recent child sexual exploitation and abuse
    • Developing practical recommendations which can be implemented by institutions to support robust child protection processes in the future

    John O’Brien, Secretary to the Inquiry, Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) (CONFIRMED)

  • 13:40
    Special Keynote: Improving Outcomes by Increasing the Medical Profession’s Understanding of CSE
    • Explaining how PHE will support cross-government commitments to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation
    • Supporting nurses to identify CSE and to understand its effects on health and well-being
    • Examining the role of school nurses in tackling CSE, as well as minimum expectations of a school nursing service
    • Engaging in effective inter-agency working and communication within data protection requirements

    Wendy Nicholson, National Lead Nurse - Children, Young People & Families, Public Health England (CONFIRMED)


  • 14:10
    Case Study: Providing Strong Leadership in Tackling CSE in the Local Area
    • Working and communicating effectively with local agencies and stakeholders to ensure that all relevant information relating to CSE is shared
    • Examining why the CSE and missing children sub-groups have been so successful in identifying and supporting missing children or those at risk of CSE
    • Explaining how these sub-groups enable the board to have a robust understanding of the profile of child sexual exploitation and offending across the tri-borough
    • Exploring the invaluable role that voluntary organisations play in the local area and how collaboration has resulted in a consistent implementation of CSE pathways and protocols by all organisations involved e.g. in safeguarding training

    Jenny Pearce, Independent Chair, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Safeguarding Children's Board (CONFIRMED)


  • 14:30
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 14:50
    Refreshments and Networking
  • 15:10
    Case Study: Using a Multi-Agency Approach to Support Children at Risk of CSE
    • Establishing the Deter Team: A multi-agency team of specially trained professionals from health services, the police, voluntary agencies and children's social care
    • Providing extensive support to young people at a significant risk of CSE in the local area through joint visits and referrals
    • Using this intervention to increase self-confidence and self-worth, reduce internet usage and encourage young people to socialise with age-appropriate friends
    • Giving examples of case studies and analysing why this approach has been so successful

    DI Steve Ryder, DI for Quality, Development and Compliance - Public Protection Unit, Lancashire Police (CONFIRMED)

    Jennifer Donnelly, CSE Safeguarding Nurse - Deter Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)


  • 15:40
    Case Study: Engaging in Innovative Initiatives to Tackle CSE Crimes
    • Developing the ‘Pan Dorset CSE and Missing Children Service’ to identify, support and protect children at high risk of exploitation
    • Outlining the proactive and reactive approaches to dealing with CSE online that are pursued by the Operation Safenet Team, and highlighting why they have been successful in combatting online CSE
    • Working in a multi-agency partnership alongside children safeguarding boards and local authorities to tackling perpetrators
    • Implementing the ‘Prepare, Prevent, Protect and Pursue’ approach alongside key agencies to effectively identify and disrupt exploitation activities

    Paul Chessel, Detective Sergeant, Dorset Police (CONFIRMED)

  • 16:10
    Chair’s Summary and Closing Remarks

    *programme subject to change

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